The Agricultural Institute of Malaysia (AIM) inaugurated in 1995 is the foremost professional body concerned with agriculture in Malaysia. Its members are drawn from government departments, statutory organizations, research institutes, universities, banks, plantations, and commercial firms.


AIM is a leading professional society championing sustainable agriculture in Malaysia and globally, and a regulatory body for the Malaysian Agriculture Professionals.

AIM promotes sustainable agriculture through professionalism and knowledge based technology.

1. Strategic linkage (other professional societies)
2. Promote image of agricultural professional/agriculture
3. Public outreach
4. Engage in Education/Training (Scholarship, curriculum)
5. Recognition of agricultural professional e.g. annual award
6. Actively involved in government agricultural society
7. Participate in sustainable agricultural forum globally
8. Effective communication within members and to the public
9. Increase membership (majority of agriculture professionals are members of AIM)